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Madison Ambulance File of Life Program

What if this happened to you?

You have a sudden onset of dizziness and you fall in your home. The fall causes a head injury. You are unable to get up and it becomes very difficult to breath and you are disoriented. Your neighbor happens to stop by and finds you on the floor near the entry door.

The neighbor calls 911 …

Emergency service personnel arrive … How do they know what medications you take or what your medical history is or who to contact in case of emergency?


The FILE OF LIFE card enables our EMTs and Paramedics as well as emergency service personnel to obtain a quick medical history when the patient is unable to offer one. The card is kept in a red plastic pocket labeled FILE OF LIFE that sticks to the refrigerator by a magnet.

The card lists the patient's name, address, and date of birth, emergency contact information, and insurance information, social security number, past medical history, medications, allergies, recent surgeries, doctor's name and if there are any advance directives or a DNR (do not resuscitate).

Download a card here

Or, if you prefer, a fillable PDF version is available here.

The FILE OF LIFE idea was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut a few years ago in a slightly different form as the Vial of Life, which was to be kept inside the refrigerator. But the small vial, with a piece of paper containing medical information inside of it, kept getting lost. In addition, when moisture accumulated in the vial, the information became unreadable.

Having instant access to medical facts and data can make the difference when every second counts

Benefits to police officers

  • Faster help for citizens in emergencies
  • Maximum use of officers' time

Benefits to emergency rescue teams

  • Instantly know medical history of patient
  • Corrective treatment can begin at once

Benefits to hospital emergency staff

  • On arrival, data is immediately available to medical staff
  • No wasted time getting information from a confused patient

Benefits to each individual

  • Peace of mind knowing they will have prompt and quality care
  • Easy access to potentially life-saving information
  • Assurance that proper persons will be notified quickly
  • Renewed sense of community spirit

The FILE OF LIFE is available at no charge.  Files can be obtained at Madison Ambulance, the Senior Center and the Madison Town Hall.

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